254 nm ozone-free wavelength thanks to PHILIPS UVC certified sources.

High effective
For short time it disinfects the air in large rooms – up to 360m³ ≈ 120m².
You save time compared to other non-contact disinfectants. AIR STRIKE MOBILE 360 does not need supervision during operation.

Easy introduction to the disinfection process
our team will train your staff and help you incorporate UV-C disinfection into established disinfection processes and protocols.

Cost effective
Low operating price and minimal maintenance.



Ensured safety
AIR STRIKE MOBILE 360 is safe for use in the presence of humans and animals
The built-in controller monitors the condition of the device and the elapsed operating hours. When
reaching the end of service life (9000h according to catalog data of
manufacturer) signals that the light sources need to be replaced.

Wide application
AIR STRIKE MOBILE 360 е предназначен е за употреба във фитнеси, хотели, болнични стаи, операционни, клиники, лаборатории, фармацевтична и хранителна промишленост, офиси, търговски обекти, учебни заведения, детски градини, домове и други

Hight secure
High quality materials and program for after-sales service. The build-in controller counts working hours and indicates the status of the devices. When the exploitation life is reached (9000 hours according to the manufacturer's catalog data), the controller will indicate that the light sources must be replaced.

Mobile and durable
Use AIR STRIKE MOBILE 360 in any room. It is convenient for moving to different rooms, which will motivate the work of your staff with AIR STRIKE MOBILE 360

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